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Qatar , Salwa Road , Area 55 , St340 , G17


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The Blue House Factory

Automatic Doors, Windows,
Gates products

Our Products
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high-quality products for
Security Devices & Systems

Depending on the most important high-quality brands

Our Products
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31 Years Of Experience
Blue House Group Since its inception in 1990, it has pursued uncompromising integrity and under the slogan “Better Products, Better Services”
Smart And Unique Solutions
We pride ourselves on serving our customers to help them find smart and unique solutions specially designed for them.
Best International Companies
Blue House factory with the best international companies in the field of doors, windows, gates and automatic security devices works

What we Offer

We provide Automatic Doors, Windows, Gates products, and Security Devices & Systems. With over 31years of experience, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry. For businesses and the Government sector.
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The Blue House Factory

The Blue House Factory for Automatic Door Systems offers many high quality products for automatic doors and windows depending on the most important high-quality brands.

We have a team of highly qualified technicians and professionals who are provided with the latest courses, equipment and tools that enable them to accomplish large projects efficiently and accurately of high quality.


Turnstiles, Automatic Doors, Automatic Windows ,Automatic Gates and Access Control Systems

Sensitive Area Protection

Designed to ensure high-security standards at strategic entrances and to withstand ramming-vehicle collisions

Our Process

Meeting product and service demands at a maximum level based on the criteria identified in parallel with the customers’ requirements in addition to using resources with optimum efficiency to the practicable extent, keeping costs at minimum levels, reflecting reduced costs to customers, and preventing investments that will create unexploited capacity for our company and country.

Automatic Doors, Windows, Gates

Roll Up Doors – Sectional Doors – Shutter Doors
Window Shutter – Fast Action Doors
Sliding Gates – Swing Gates

Security Devices & Systems

Tire Crusher – Barriers – Road Blocker – Uni-Park – Rising Bollard – Speed Bumps

Excellent Design and Quality

Thanks to our production capacity, we offer our customers a wide variety of products, able to respond to any demand but always with excellent design and quality.
We offer a wide range of products aimed to at all types of needs. An enduring and innovative offer that has made us a clear reference in quality and material typology.

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